Activism: Artists Speaking Their Mind

Banner Art detail: Ruth Rosner, "Mothers of Lost Children"

A Retrospective Exhibition in Two Parts

Sally B Moore, "On the Horizon"
Sally B Moore, "On the Horizon"
Retrospective Exhibition Dates:
November 15, 2021 - January 5, 2022 —Part I: Migrations
January 6 - February 13, 2022—Part II: Insider/Outsider Nation
Gloretta Baynes, Gail Jerauld Bos and Ruth Rosner

Curators' Statement

Community activism: using demonstrations, protests, strikes, boycotts to bring about specific, often radical, changes to social, economic, environmental, and cultural policies and practices.

But activism can also come in the form of a canvas, sculpture, or installation…something made of clay, wood, or steel, paint, cloth, or paper…things artists use.

The two following exhibits, Migrations and Insider/Outsider Nation, are focused on the issue of how we see “The Other” and the cultural policies and practices that block inclusion.

The planning for these exhibits led the curators to see exciting art, participate in passionate discussions that ended with glorious visions of exhibits that would transform our world.

The following images will open the door to an amazing variety of mediums and methods that artists used to express their concerns and beliefs.  We hope these images will continue to help bring about change that just might transform some parts of our world.

Retrospective Exhibitions 2015-2016

Migrations, Part I

Curated by Gloretta Baynes, Gail Jerauld Bos and Ruth Rosner

November 15, 2021-January 5, 2022

Insider/Outsider Nation, Part II

Curated by Gloretta Baynes, Gail Jerauld Bos and Ruth Rosner

January 6, 2021-February 13, 2022