Celebrating Our Community Partners: A Retrospective Exhibition Series

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Violence Transformed is excited to announce our virtual series of retrospective exhibits! As we prepare to emerge safely and soundly from an unprecedented COVID-lockdown and to begin planning for live exhibits to resume sometime in 2023, Violence Transformed is launching this virtual series of exhibits designed to celebrate our fifteen-year history and honor the organizations and venues with which we have partnered over the years. The series will also recognize the socially-engaged artists, curators and activists who have contributed to our work thus far, and who will continue to be with us as the world reopens!

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Remembering Pamela Green

Celebrating Our Community Partners: A Retrospective Exhibition Series is dedicated to honor and remember Pam Green who worked with Violence Transformed since its inception in 2007. For many years, she served with Marshall Hughes as the co-host of VT exhibits and events at Roxbury Community College’s Resnikoff Theater & Gallery. She also co-curated and photographed a number of community-based exhibits at other VT venues. Pam was a phenomenal and loving woman who is deeply missed!

Image: Taken at 2016 Insider/Outsider Nation exhibit reception at Roxbury Community College. (L-R): Jacqueline McRath, Pamela Green (holding camera), Gail Bos. Photo by Ruth Rosner

Lead Curator

Hope Ricciardi serves as Lead Curator of Celebrating Our Community Partners: A Retrospective Exhibition Series and is working with our partnering venues, our co-curators, webmaster and social media experts to make these exhibits available to the widest possible audience in the coming weeks and months. While our retrospective exhibits are intended to honor the past, Violence Transformed is also working behind the scenes with various partners and curators, both new and longstanding - in and beyond Boston - to prepare a new schedule of live exhibits going forward.

Retrospective Exhibitions

Curators of Violence Transformed: A Retrosepctive

Curated by Mary Harvey & Hope Ricciardi

July 11-December 31, 2023

The Artist's Voice: A Retrospective, 2008-2018

Curated by Gail Bos & Carol Iskols Daynard

May 15-June 30, 2022

Artists, Activism & Education: A Decade with Lesley University

Curated by Mary Harvey & Hope Ricciardi

February 22-March 27, 2022

Activism: Artists Speaking Their Mind

Curated by Gloretta Baynes, Gail Bos & Ruth Rosner

November 16, 2021-February 13, 2022

Applauding Our Partnership with Cambridge College, 2013-2019

Co-Curated by Mary Harvery and Phillip Page

October 1-November 15, 2021

Ubuntu Arts: The Youth Speak, A Retrospective 2006-2021

Curated by Ann Tobey

August 18-September 30, 2021

And Still We Rise: Art for Transformation

Co-Curated by Edmund Barry Gaither and Jonathan Shirland 

July 5-August 15, 2021

Art Inspires Action! Violence Transformed Exhibition Posters 2008-2020

Co-Curated by Mary Harvey and Hope Ricciardi

June 16-July 4, 2021