Featured Exhibitions

Talking About Ubuntu: The Youth Speak

Now in its 15th year, Ubuntu Arts has organized groups of young people, Boston University college students majoring in Youth Justice & Advocacy (YJA) and adult mentors to collaborate on the conceptualization, implementation and exhibition of art-making projects that give voice to personal and social issues of concern to youth.


This virtual art and academic partnership with Cambridge College explores "bodies" from multiple perspectives: lived experience, bias, health, physicality, and place. As embodied beings, the artists featured in this exhibition are "standing up" for social justice, racial equity, women’s rights, and more.

In the Time of COVID-19

This virtual exhibition series features artists whose work contemplates the social and/or personal consequences of a pandemic, whether the pathogen be of physical (the COVID-19 virus), or of social (for example, police brutality among people of color) origin. Co-curated by artists Hakim Raquib and Walter Crump

Artist Spotlight

Violence Transformed Artist Judith Carlin

"Exploring the human condition, our stories, and how we treat each other is my continual theme. I want my art to have an impact on the world: to inform, reflect, and evoke strong emotions. I believe in the power of art, that a work of art can make a positive change in the world. We're living in strange times and as an artist I feel the need to address that. I'm trying to paint our world with a compassionate and empathetic eye."

~ Judith Carlin

Featured in the April 28, 2021 edition of ShoutOut Miami, "where meaningful conversations are at the heart of community building," Violence Transformed artist Judith Carlin speaks about the inspiration and support for her socially-engaged art practice.

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Our Mission

Violence Transformed, an arts and social justice initiative of the Public Health Advocacy Institute at Northeastern University, draws upon the creative energies of artists throughout New England to document and celebrate the many ways in which our diverse communities harness art’s potential to effect social change and transform our environments. 

In collaboration with our diverse partners, we stage an annual series of visual and performing arts events that celebrate the power of art, artists and art-making to confront, challenge and mediate violence. In this way we aim to broaden and diversify the audience for socially engaged artistic practice, amplify the voices of creative individuals and organizations at work in our community, and foster creative, socially conscious and trauma-informed action to address, overcome and prevent violence in our homes and our communities -  regionally, nationally and internationally.

Violence Transformed logo art by Ron Wilhelmsen
Violence Transformed logo art by Ron Wilhelmsen