Migrations, Part I

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Banner Art (detail): Walter Crump, "Destroyed Cities"


Nancy Marks, "Homeless"
Nancy Marks, "Homeless"
Exhibition Dates:
July 17-August 31, 2015
Resnikoff Gallery, Arts & Media Center
Roxbury Community College
1234 Columbus Avenue
Roxbury Crossing, MA
Gloretta Baynes, Gail Jerauld Bos and Ruth Rosner

Exhibition Statement


The movement of life forms away from the known for food or fortune, out of fear or force

The great migrations of humans out of Africa,
of birds over oceans

The dispersal of insects and seeds from around the world

The sorrowful forced migrations caused by war, famine, devastation of the environment and human greed

This is the theme of this exhibit: that migration is a natural force for all forms of life—that from the beginning the human species has moved—that we can trace our roots to those ancestors who left Africa.

We are all migrants with descendants who felt the loss of family, home and language, experienced a dangerous voyage, faced an unwelcoming crowd.

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