Applauding Our Partnership with Cambridge College, 2013-2019

Banner Art: Beverly Rippel, "Just This Once"

Artist: Carolyn Enz Hack, from "The Artist's Voice," 2014
Artist: Carolyn Enz Hack, from "The Artist's Voice," 2014
Exhibition Dates:
October 1-November 15, 2021
Mary Harvey, Founder/Director of Violence Transformed
Phillip Page, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships, Cambridge College

Co-Curators' Statements

Every year since 2012 Cambridge College and Violence Transformed have collaborated to sponsor an art exhibit inked to a socially relevant theme –a theme that can helps us document the transformative power of art and the ability of art, artists and artmaking to address compelling issues of our time. The partnership has been an enduring one due to the shared values, activist energy and belief in the truly transformative power of art. Violence transformed is honored to share with our audience this retrospective exhibit of our on-going collaboration. Thanks so much, in particular, to Phillip Page, Cambridge College VP of Strategic Partnerships for his unwavering support for this work and this partnership.

- Mary Harvey, Director/Founder of Violence Transformed

The strategic goal of any partnership is to leverage individual strengths to achieve meaningful results in collaboration that may be otherwise unattainable. We are honored to have shaped a longstanding relationship with Violence Transformed that amplifies our shared belief in the power of art to impact the many communities we serve, for the better.”

– Phillip Page, VP of Strategic Partnerships

Cambridge College Exhibitions, 2013-2019

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