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In Partnership with Piano Craft Gallery, 2023

Banner Art detail: Gail Jerauld Bos, "Glorious Diversity"

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Gail Jerauld Bos, "Glorious Diversity," Mixed-media totem sculptures, 8 ft. x 6 in. (Totems included in live exhibition: L-R: #1, #6, #7)

Artist Statement



In the last 500 million years more than 90% of all organisms on earth have
during geological catastrophes.
asteroids caused atmospheric changes
global warming caused land and water temperatures of 103%
global cooling caused giant ice sheets
volcanic activity caused the movement of continents and the creation of oceans
Multiple species suffered extinction and life took millions of years to recover
But slowly new forms emerge, some old forms adapt, life has continued on earth


Diversity in a drop of water, diversity in the forests and the fields
Diversity in urban neighborhoods and in rural villages

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E-mail: gailbos@comcast.net
Phone: 617-522-2426
Website: https://www.gailbos.com
Instagram: @bos_gail