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In Partnership with Piano Craft Gallery, 2023

Banner Art detail: Carlos W. Byron, "Juneteenth, Roxbury"

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Artist Statement 

As a photographer, I have not rejected my foundational roots in painting and drawing but applied them to my subject choice and compositional design. The areas that appeal to me as a photographer include street photography in large cities—particularly the Chinatowns in Boston and New York City, Havana, small-town life in Newport RI, and Martha's Vineyard. Additionally, my work includes photographing performing artists, primarily dance, dancers, and actors. Over the past 50 years I’ve worked in illustration, portraiture, calligraphy, and as an art director In Brooklyn, NY, and art teacher in Boston.

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Artist Contact Info

E-mail: byronbird24@gmail.com
Phone: 617-894-6885/617-250-2151
Instagram: @byron.carlos