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Banner Art detail: L'Merchie Frazier, "Barricades: Living In The Calculus"

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Artist Statement 

My work as a visual activist is centered in the survival of the stories of 500 years of Black and Indigenous people and their efforts to press against the violence of slavery, erasure, displacement, racism, colonization and imperialism. It is one life work called “Save Me From My Amnesia, “captioned as “I remember, reclaim, restore, reimagine.”

Participation in Violence Transformed exhibitions as a artist was in sync with that mission. My journey with VT began with a request from Edmund Barry Gaither, Director of the Museum of the National Center of African American Artists to participate in the first VT exhibit at the Massachusetts State House. Importantly Violence Transformed, founded by Dr. Mary Harvey, with art at the service of social issue gained great reception and evolved with the increase of artists and audiences. I was asked by Mary to curate an exhibit at the Harriet Tubman House with artist and professor Carol Daynard. I was honored to collaborate with Carol for a well presented and successful exhibit. Other opportunities followed to enter works into the numerous exhibits and to curate. Joining Mary and Dr. Barbara Hamm in the Violence Transformed, Transformative Action Project, under the Public Health Advocacy Institute at Northeastern University, funded by the Mass Office of Victims Assistance, as Director of Creative Engagement for artmaking and mindful practice I have had the opportunity to present exhibit specific workshops that accompanied the exhibitions and their participants. Through this ever evolving journey as artist, performer, curator and activist, Violence Transformed has become a vibrant part of my life.

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