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In Partnership with Piano Craft Gallery, 2023

Banner Art detail: Sadie Griesmer, "Lying Down Ghostie"

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Sable Divacup, "Lying Down Ghostie," Clay sculpture

Artist Statement 

Hello! You’ve just stumbled into the scavenger ghost project!

I designed this project with a simple, three step framework: Imagine, Create, Grow

The past year I’ve traveled to different locations and would install a clay ghostie. I’d wheatpaste posters in the neighborhood of installation sites. These posters have an existential question, and a QR code linking to the project site. On the site, there is a form. On this form the participant states the question the poster asked, how they respond, and also say how they cope with grief. Thus, the grief archive was born.

Touching clay is healing. Making in clay allows me to literally set my ideas into stone. Storing the project in a website simultaneously opens a window into how a mindset shifts over time.

I personally believe we live in a time of rapid change that feels chaotic and scary. Change is also an inevitable part of growth. I dearly miss the minivan I learned to drive on. It also got 17 miles to the gallon, on a good day.

Humans are a mix of novelty and pattern seeking creatures. More than that, we are also natural makers of objects, ideas, language, and culture.

Change is unavoidable, and it is in acts of creativity that humans can find the sense of control that we crave. Imagine, create, grow.

In the face of radical unknown change, who do you want to grow into being?

Artist Bio 

Sable Divacup is an artist educator based in Merrimack Valley. They work in clay, bookmaking, textiles, embroidery, game development, and armchair philosophy. Their work deals with human perception of reality, focusing on the emotional body, the passage of time, and shifts in epistemological tools. They’re primarily focused on how humans store experiences into their long-term working memory.

They enjoy sunsets, long walks on the beach, and playing seashell chess with friends.

Artist Contact Info

E-mail: sadiegriesmer.96@gmail.com
Phone: 617-955-9487
Website: https://www.scavengerghost.com
Instagram: @sable_divacup