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In Partnership with Piano Craft Gallery, 2023

Banner Art detail: Ryan Horton, "A Man of the People"

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Artist Statement 

The complexities of life can be simplified through the use of design elements such as squares and circles layered with images and line drawings. These minimalistic elements allow me to present the intricacies of my life experiences of being categorized in a world in which I was never meant to fit in nor choose to conform.

In this world where I have to adapt my image and expression to fit within my environment, my identity continues to fragment. My collage work uses selected features while others remain hidden or obscured. Although the portraits are not whole, they still highlight the beauty of Black features and the strength in their expression. With time, I have grown to appreciate myself and my black expression. The use of elongated black figures in the pieces represents my black presence in spaces while also highlighting the exaggerated overthinking that I express in throughout my artist process. The single line faces them to show the internal complexities I encounter and carry daily.

Artist Bio 

I am an artist with a drive to explore and create impactful, memorable experiences. As a black man living in America, I have always been taught to conform to survive in environments that were never meant for me. Because of this, throughout my professional career I strive to pushing the boundaries of acceptance and expectations.

With my Master's in Architecture from Northeastern University and a Bachelor's of Fine Arts from SCAD, I have been exposed to a number of creative methods and mediums that have pushed my passion to not only create but innovate. Utilizing my structured architectural foundation and the raw understanding of aesthetic purity, I have developed my own unique graphic integrity.

My focus is to push the boundaries of design and create a simple translation for design to the common eye.

Artist Contact Info

E-mail: ryanhorton3553@live.com
Phone: 678-654-3598
Website: https://hortoniconicdesigns.com
Social Media: @iconic.dsgns