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Banner Art detail: Patricia Anderson Turner, "Forgiving-ness"

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Artist Statement 

My art addresses issues of social, cultural, and political gravity.  Utilizing familiar and iconic imagery, I present my personal views on momentous historical and current events. I call myself a “Visual Essayist”.

My process is unique to the piece; hand dye-painted paper, silks, dimensional complements, and unusual presentations; mounting on toy guns, utilizing oversized and embellished fleece prints, or hanging 3D objects as varied as covid balls, nooses, and WWI airplanes alongside the piece. One crucial “thread” used in all my work is the art of stitchery which both unites my process and exemplifies the feminine historical significance of this important art form..

My goal is to disrupt complacency, encourage dialogue, and even provoke the viewer to examine issues that affect us all.  The act of creating helps to release my frustration over these difficult ailments of our age.

Artist Bio

Patricia Anderson Turner addresses social and political issues with mixed media and textile art; her subjects are as varied as war, mental illness, social media, climate change, the rise of white supremacy and gun control among other thorny issues of our times. Turner’s career highlights include a First Place at the Verona Museum of Modern Art in Italy, 2011, as well as top honors in multiple museums: seven years in the Reece Museum’s political “Fl3TCH3R Exhibit” with awards in 2016, 2018, 2019, and 2021, the Museum of Modern Art in Tallahassee, the Foosaner Museum, and more.  Turner is a featured artist for OppArt which provides art for The Nation magazine. The Nation is the oldest weekly news magazine in the USA; it has been in continuous publication since 1865 having been started by abolitionists. Turner is an invitational member of “Unnatural Election”, curated by Andrea Arroyo. She is also a member of “Violence Transformed”, an invitational group of artists exhibiting in Boston. Several of Turner’s pieces are in the permanent collection of the Museum of Michigan State University, the Human Rights Art Exhibit, and featured in scholarly publications such as Quilts and Human Rights, forwarded by Bishop Desmond TuTu. A member of the National Association of Women Artists since 2019, Turner has received 4 major awards in NAWA’s national exhibits to include First Place for Mixed Media/Collage, 2021, in the 132nd Annual NAWA exhibit.  In February of 2022, Turner selected all female artists and organized three galleries, 12,500 square feet of space, for the historic Sidney & Berne Davis Art Center in Fort Myers, FL where she exhibited 25 of her works in the Main Atrium Gallery for “Women Take Issue”.

Artist Contact Info

Email: patriciaturnerart@yahoo.com
Website: https://patriciaturnerart.com
Instagram: @patriciaturnerart