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In Partnership with Piano Craft Gallery, 2023

Banner Art detail: Moises Ramos, "Punto de Partida #1"

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Artist Statement 

My work is mostly about mixing techniques and mediums. My artwork plays with the human condition and how it is affected by time and emotions. I try to convey that feeling in every piece and confront the viewer with it.  This process of transfiguration creates anonymous characters that stare at the viewer. Characters that could be appearing or disappearing, constructing or deconstructing their own world right before our eyes.

This series, Punta de Partida (Point of Departure), is based on portraits of immigrants who came to the USA at the turn of the century. While living through the Pandemic and its aftermath, the effect of systemic racism, and a wave of hate crimes against people of color, I decided I needed to express myself about our new reality through my art. Using images from our past and today's technology, I am trying to spark the conversation about diversity, acceptance, and understanding of BIPOC people and what we are going through in the USA.  Educating our present and future generations to accept our differences and fight for equality will help us connect and create more objective reality.

Artist Contact Info

Email: mramosfineart@gmail.com
Phone: 904-314-2409
Website: https://moisesramos.wixsite.com/fine-art