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In Partnership with Piano Craft Gallery, 2023

Banner Art detail: Dan Alvarado, "Let Me BREATHE"

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Artist Bio

Based in Brooklyn, NY, Dan Alvarado is an artist who works with drawing, screen printing and painting as his primary mediums of choice. Initially focusing on social and political commentary in his earlier years, Dan’s works recently evolved into more illustrative and emotional content. But as the new decade turned and witnessing the current political environment, Dan has shifted his work back to social commentary in current America. Using micron pens to create fine, illustrative works on paper, Dan utilizes his drawings as the primary foundation for his screen printing process, even hand drawing many of his stencils to make multi-colored prints on paper, as well as printing on wood panels to coincide with his painting process. Dan has earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree at James Madison University; he has exhibited in group exhibitions in New York City, as well as cities around the world including Melbourne, London and Calgary. Dan has also recently expanded his art career by curating art shows within New York City, including “Trumpocalypse: What Now?”, “BOROUGH5”, and “Watershed”. Dan is also a member of the Art Justice Cohort, a social justice art group who features artists of color that focus on introspective and protest art.

Artist Contact Info

E-mail: dan.d.alvarado@gmail.com
Website: www.danalvarado.com
Instagram: @danalvarado_art
Phone: (917) 757-2935