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Banner Art detail: Carol Scavotto, "Bus Stop"

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Carol Scavotto, "Bus Stop," Photo collage mounted on wood, 11" x 14"

Artist Statement 

THE SELFIES (2017 – 2018) As a cis gender white female artist I feel compelled to use my artistic practice to explore the realities of individuals that are different from mine, and to examine my own experiences of being the recipient of gender-based biases and microagressions. I have engaged with my and others’ experiences through the manipulation of dolls and doll-like imagery. The pieces comprising are a selection of my own stories and others’. To execute the pieces I dressed in costume and photograph myself in a staged situation. Each character is given a doll's head that portrays the emotion being felt. Then each image is cut out of wood and the photograph is applied. The titles of these works are extremely important – they are part of the work itself and not simply a label for the piece. The moment of the solitary performance remains frozen in time as a durational piece. These works involved a great deal of research; I try to understand second hand the insults and injustices experienced by others.

Artist Bio

Carol Scavotto is a visual and performing artist based in Rhode Island. Her decades-long artistic practice has included sculpture, painting, needlework, fine jewelry design, and performance pieces.  Her work is both highly autobiographical and deeply relatable.

Carol earned a BFA in sculpture from the University of Massachusetts Amherst in 1972 and also completed training in the early 1980’s at the Jewelry Institute of Rhode Island. For several years her artistic energy was funneled into building various art-related businesses, including founding The Springfield Arts Center in the mid 1970’s in Massachusetts, and Casanna Design in Rhode Island, which featured her own line of jewelry. Her drive to create space for showing her and others’ work included opening and running an Art Cafe, and establishing an art gallery housed within a high-end furniture store.

The focus of Carol’s career shifted after a diagnosis and successful treatment of cancer in 2009. She became absorbed in creating work that was more introspective and socially relevant. She intensified her artistic practice and increased her presence in art galleries and art shows, establishing a recognizable voice in her work.


Artist Contact Info

Email: 4ucarol@gmail.com
Phone: 401-835-4029
Website: https://carolscavotto.com
Facebook: carol.scavotto