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Banner Art detail: Brenda Steinberg, "A Matter of Perspective"

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Brenda Steinberg, "A Matter of Perspective," Oil on canvas, 22" x 29"

After years of paintings depicting crises, I am escaping to the top of a dune to search for some positive perspective on what is to be done in these difficult times.  "A Matter of Perspective" reflects this need.

Artist Statement 

In my studio each individual work of art develops from an interaction with particular materials, a concept, and the work itself as it evolves. Most of my work is representational and reflects my reactions to personal and communal crises or to places in which I find myself. My work often emerges from my ongoing concern with mankind’s willful and unwitting inhumanity to men, woman, children, and animals, with whom we share the world.

A Matter of Perspective reflects a current need to gain some distance from these difficult times in which we are now living in order to gain perspective on, what is to be done

Artist Bio

Drawing, painting, and sculpture have been an important part of my life since an early age though my first formal introduction to art wasn’t until I entered Music and Art High School in New York City. I then studied at Bard College with Louis Shenker and Stephan Hirsch, at the Brookline Museum with Paul Waldman and Richard Anuskiewicz, and privately with Norman Rabin, Landis Lewitin and Sheng Chia Sun Lee.

My work has primarily been exhibited at the Provincetown Museum of Art and Blue Heron, Swansboro, Chandler, and Robin Watson Galleries on Cape Cod, where I lived half of each week for many years, in Cambridge and Boston under the auspices of the Cambridge Art Association and Violence Transformed, and more recently, at the Attleboro Museum, and Concord Art Association.

My work is in many private collections.

Artist Contact Info

Email: brendasteinberg@gmail.com
Phone: 617-477-1284
Instagram: @gmabrendas