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Banner Art detail: Annielly Camargo, "Yari"

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Annielly Camargo, "Yari," Photography

Artist Statement 

I know another world is possible. With the change in our movement and a movement in our change. Joy runs through our songs and laughter through the mist of our adversity. In our double masks and latex gloves we give our all. I know another world is possible. Through photographing several actions over the last 5 years and even more so in the midst of a global pandemic, I wanted to emphasize the progression of Boston protests and community movements. Through the love and passion of our city fighting and nurturing together reality appears to become more visually present and often questioned. Who’s voices are heard more loudly? What truths are allowed to be seen? Who is America and what does that person look like?

Artist Bio 

Annielly Camargo (They/Them, She/Her)  is a queer photographer and mixed media artist born and raised in Boston, MA. Their creations have lived through a variety of mediums ranging from video, installation, alternative photographic processes, and more recently shooting on Polaroid. As a visual artist and art activist, Camargo uses their creative eye and methods of expression to push the audience into addressing reality up close; both the viewer and the creator become mutually educated in their own selves and the world around them. Camargo’s art photography focuses on vulnerable bodies navigating in challenging spaces. These environments test limits and question realities with an emphasis on the human state, allowing a deeper look into both self and societal healing.  Camargo is currently documenting the ongoing racial equality movements that are happening locally and nationwide. Aside from their journalism and documentary work, they are continuously expanding on their series ‘Transportando al Futuro’ based in Havana, Cuba.

Artist Contact Info

Please feel free to contact for prints, services or collaboration.

E-mail: annielly.foto@gmail.com
Phone: 857-498-4532
Instagram: @anniellyc_photography