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Banner Art detail: Alexandra Jordankova, "NOMOREWAR"

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Alexandra Jordankova, "NOMOREWAR," Acrylic on canvas, 36" x 36"

Artist Statement 

I was born in a country that no longer exists - Czechoslovakia. My journey into the world of fine art began at a very young age when, inspired by my mother’s drawings, aquarelles, and tempera paintings, I created my first ingenuous sketches and paintings. I continued to develop my artistic skills through compulsory academic education and training at the Children School of Art. However, I had chosen the field of psychology as my vocation and art was downgraded to “just a hobby”. It was not until I immigrated to USA as a political refugee that I started creating my art on a more regular basis. As a visual artist, I'm attracted to any subject matter as long as they move me; whether it is for its visual provocation, emotional stimulation or artistic attractiveness.

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Artist Contact Info

Email: fineartbyalexandra@gmail.com
Phone: 617-733-5216