Turning Hate Into Love, 2018


Banner Art: Image with youth participants and Bird Street mural time-lapse video screening, 2018

Bird Street Community Center (street view), 2018
Bird Street Community Center (street view), 2018

Host Program: Bird Street Community Center, Dorchester

Media: Mixed-media

Adult Mentors: Donna Woodson & Dominic Holloman

BU Wheelock Student Liaison: Dara Giannantonio

Youth Artists: Bird St. Youth Art Club

Age Range:  9-16

Artist Statement

Our mural symbolizes the culture and atmosphere that Bird Street Community Center brings to the community of Dorchester. The  time-lapse video below represents our journey through the first phases of the process of planning and painting the mural.

Our group decided to replicate the exterior of our unique corner building by creating a mural on the wall in the entranceway of the center. The concept for the piece is rooted in the feeling that Bird Street has the ability to take in hate and turn it into love, so we wanted people to be able to see it when they enter the building. As we continued to work on the mural, we attempted to embody the spirit of positivity and love that the center brings to the community.

By documenting this art-making experience in video, every laugh, smile and moment of thought can be captured. This recording also symbolizes how the art-making can be contagious. When we started this piece, we had about five youth artists working in the art club, and now the project has grown to be a center-wide endeavor, engaging many members of the Bird Street community in the vision of the youth.

Mural Creation Time Lapse Video

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