The Unknown, 2011


Banner Art: Detail of bridge from "The Unknown," Wood, photographs, 2011

Bridge on exhibit from "The Unknown," Wood, photographs, 2011
Bridge on exhibit from "The Unknown," Wood, photographs, 2011

Host Program: Maritime Apprentice Program (MAP)

Media: Wood and photograph installation

Project Type: Collaborative

BU Wheelock Liaison: Lianne Hughes

Program Mentor: Ed Norton

Teen Artists:
Nelson Rodriguez, Daniel Rodriguez, Reggie Holly, Reggie Gardner, Hannibal Holiday, Lawrence Lino, Shaquiel Thomas, Shakeem Day, Josh Derburgo, William Gardern

Artist Statement

Ubuntu recognizes that “a person is a person through other persons” -- that we are all interconnected and interdependent. As Lianne explained the concept of Ubuntu, the young men of the Maritime Apprentice Program (MAP) came up with the idea of the bridge. The Bridge symbolizes our human interconnectedness, and the young men believe “We all live one life, cross different bridges through our lifespan and walk through many roads on our own path toward our potential-selves and preferred futures.” The photos represent the lives of the young men who worked on this project and document the construction of the bridge.

The MAP apprentices are proud to show the public their talents and abilities. The apprentices used teamwork, dedication, hard work and determination in order to build this beautiful bridge. Engaging in a collaborative effort to create the bridge is their way of showing that they are Ubuntu. When the young men at MAP are no longer viewed by society as the sum of their crimes, they are able to view themselves as more than the content of their criminal records. They share their voices and their talents with you as part of this transition.

Instructions for Crossing the Bridge:
As you travel across the “Unknown” we ask you to think about
the potential of your life

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