The Fabric of Ubuntu, 2021


Banner Art: Video still from "The Fabric of Ubuntu"

Video still of artwork included in "The Fabric of Ubuntu"
Video still of artwork included in "The Fabric of Ubuntu"
Host Programs:
Massasoit Community College in collaboration with
New Heights Charter School, Early College Program
Digital Music Production Class, Sections VY1 and VY2
Media: Video
Adult Mentor: Devin Ferreira
BU Wheelock Student Liaisons:
Deborah Vincent & Genesis Recio Chalas
Youth Artists:
De'Kayla, Nagede, Shakeenah, Daniela, Walter, Jazelyn, Joshua, Elizabeth, Isabelle

Artist Statement

This video project was created by students from the New Heights Charter School in Brockton, MA who are enrolled in the Early College Program and are taking Digital Music Production classes with Mr. Ferreira at Massasoit Community College.

Twenty-five students explored the concept of Ubuntu through music, dance, poetry, visual art and acts of service. A smaller group of students then brought their ideas to life through multimedia creations. With the assistance of our college student liaisons, Deborah Vincent and Genesis Recio Chalas, our students were able to embody the deep meaning of Ubuntu in their lives and communities.

The work compiled in this virtual performance derives from the students' reflection on how their lives are examples of Ubuntu. Students were encouraged to express the connection between their passions and how to build a better future for everyone. Special thanks to all the students in these courses and New Heights Charter School Liaisons Mrs. Felix and Miss Faustin.

Video Performance, "The Fabric of Ubuntu"