Talking About Ubuntu: The Youth Speak | Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro South, Brockton Clubhouse


In Partnership with Boston University, 2021

Banner Photo: from a youth participant in "Community Violence" project

Project Name: "Community Violence"

Host Program: Boys and Girls Clubs of Metro South – Brockton Clubhouse

Media: Video, poetry and photographs

Adult Mentor: Guy Lacossade

BU Wheelock Student Liaison: Diane Denton

Youth Artists Age Range: 13-18

Artist Statement

Ubuntu is about community and our group discussed many topics and eventually decided that we wanted to focus our project on community violence. The teens were passionate about sharing their community and what they saw and learned about the history of Brockton.

The Boys and Girls Club is in the heart of the community and we asked, “what happens if spaces like community centers don’t exist?” In response, we worried that people wouldn’t have anywhere else to go, or they may turn to bad areas.

The teens were interested in writing poetry and in the video you will see a young man sharing his poem with you. Teens also got out and walked around the community to take photographs of their neighborhoods with different angles and perspectives in mind. Please know that the viewpoints in the images are from their eyes.

Video and Text Poems, "Community Violence"

Community Violence Poem
by three youth participants


It doesn't take only one man to carry a gun.

It only takes one bullet to kill one.

Who would've thought her turning point would be choosing between a fist or a piece.

People taste drugs like skittle packets, I  wonder if they find them as sweet.

As we live in the community we see the change that needs to be done.

All we can ask is when...

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