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Don West Fri, Mar 12, 9:16 PM (14 hours ago) to me In July of 2020

Northeastern University (NEU) was required to close the building housing long time artist program "AFRICAN AMERICAN MASTER ARTISTS IN RESIDENCE PROGRAM" (AAMARP) to conform to the protocols of the Covid-19 pandemic. AAMARP, community based and an adjunct program at NEU has been functioning at the University for over 40 years. Undaunted, the artists found a creative way to continue to bring their Art to the public they have been serving for decades by creating what was called "JUSTICE ON THE STOOP" Justice on the Stoop was a weekly gathering of AAMARP and other community artists, with a local audience in front of the closed building highlighting one or more individual artists Well received, the event continued through the summer months ~ Finding a way out of no way, pushing back against circumstance was an infectious spirit shared with all.... regards ~ don Author / Photojournalist (website) (book) (news service) (news) african-american master artists in residence program PO Box 301752 Boston, MA 02130 617.524.1975

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