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Bijan Baniahmad, "Portrait of Amir Hushang Ebtehaj," Photography
Bijan Baniahmad, "Portrait of Amir Hushang Ebtehaj," Photography

Artist Statement

Amir Hushang Ebtehaj, Poet

Ebtehaj was born February 25, 1928 in Rasht, Iran, and had his primary schooling there before moving to Tehran. His first book of poetry, with an introduction by eminent poet Mehdi Hamidi Shirazi, was published when he was 19 years old. During Iran's open period following World War II, Sayeh got involved in various literary circles and contributed to various literary magazines such as Sokhan, Kavian, Sadaf, Maslehat, and others. Unlike many other literary figures of the time who got deeply involved in politics and left-leaning activities, Sayeh stayed true to his social and political consciousness but refrained from deeper involvement. He was employed at the National Cement Company for 22 years while continuing his literary activities. Later he was invited by the National Iranian Radio to produce the traditional music program "Golhaye Taze" and "Golchin Hafte."

After the 1979 Iranian Revolution and the ensuing suppression, Sayeh spent a year in prison for his writings. After he was released, he began work on "Hafez, by Sayeh," a verse-for-verse study of the various publications of Hafez. In 1987, he moved to Cologne, Germany, with his family and lives there, but he comes to Iran several times a year

Artist Bio

Bijan Bani-Ahmad was born in Tehran in 1936. In his early childhood, he began learning the art of painting from his father, who was a professor of painting and a carpet designer. His father followed a teaching method which he had called “subjective painting,” and had published a book by the same title. This method later became manifest in Bani-Ahmad’s photographic work, particularly since his German photography teacher had also created the school of “subjective photography” and believed that a photograph must reflect the photographer’s imagination and inner feelings.