Peace in the Community, 2014


Banner Art: "Peace in the Community," Mixed-media (collage detail view), 2014

"Peace in the Community," Mixed-media (gun detail view), 2014
"Peace in the Community," Mixed-media (gun detail view), 2014

Host Program: Mothers for Justice and Equality

Media: Multi-media (Spray paint, Collage, realistic media)

Adult Mentors: Ajah Brown and Dominique Smith

BU Wheelock Student Liaison: Janice Sharpe

Artistic Mentor: Larry Wynn

Youth Artists:
Amara Barnes, Jadia Pitter, Mylo Morales, Marcus Morales, Maryanne Smith, Leon DoSantos, Luis DoSantos, LeShawn Cornelius

Age Range:  14-17

Artist Statement

Our artwork was based off of our concern for the tragic gun violence issue that has taken a hold of our community. We chose to each paint and decorate our own toy guns to symbolize our concern for the amount of gun violence that is going on around us. We each have our guns mounted and pointed at the outline of a person collaged with a variety of different gun violence related pictures and quotes to give people an idea of how prevalent and serious this issue is. We hope to make people see that we all need to work together to bring about a change.

Most of us, if not all of the youth workers at MJE, have lost someone or know of someone who has lost someone to gun violence. Because of that fact, this topic was very close to our hearts. So we decided that our Ubuntu project gave us the perfect chance to work towards raising awareness and bringing about some change. Not only did this art project teach us more about gun violence, it also taught us values like leadership, accountability and responsibility. For us Ubuntu was about coming together to make a positive difference.

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