One Who Dreams is Called a Prophet – Part One | WALKING IS TRANSFORMATIVE


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Banner Art detail: Sadiq Somjee, "Walking"

Walk is Transformative

Walk is transformative through the rhythm of repeated movements. It speaks the language of the land, beauty and peace to the body in motion, and thus changes it.

“I am a nomad; I need to walk to be myself. My body opens with steps on the Earth. Opening the body in Jua means opening body-sensations of nature that holds us in an embrace like mother-feelings. Like nature-feelings, ancestor feelings, animal-feelings and community-feelings. I am because I sense these feelings of life on Earth and that is the truth. That is utu. Utu resides in sense-feelings of all I see and don’t see.”
“Utu consciousness filled Alama’s body as his feet touched the Earth. He pressed Kofia Miguu made of a peace tree from the land of other people of Yeta, close to his body. He was contented and spoke as he walked, ‘I am because you are, the Supreme One. I am because you are, the Ancestors. And I am because you are, the Nature that surround us. I am because you are, the Elders. And I am because you, the People, are."
“A long walk is a mystery of the body listening to the earth.”