Mellon Meadows, 2012


Banner Art: Hands at work making a collage for "Mellon Meadows," 2012

"Mellon Meadows" on exhibition, 2012
"Mellon Meadows" on exhibition, 2012

Host Program:
BNY Mellon Academy for Girls, Morgan Memorial Goodwill, Roxbury

Media: Canvas, tissue paper, rocks and glass

Program Mentors: Janaial Robinson, Shalonda

BU Wheelock Liaison: Bridgit Paula

Youth Artists:
Quesiah Arther, Skyelar Bastista, Ishoya Benson, Jaylah Bowman, Jessica Bowman, LeTisha Blakely, Allyson Christian, Cheyenne Christian, Jonoyn Clements, Kendall Clements, Megan Coard, Porsha Cole, Tatiyana Cooley-Justice, Rachel Dinkins, Shatora Everett-Hannah, Champagne Farnum, Jazzy Feliciano, Nehaeh Fletcher, Rashonda Fletcher, Kenyana Johnson, Shypril Leonard, Cleopatra Lewis, Imani Lewis

Age Range:  9-19

Artist Statement

Our piece speaks to Ubuntu, beauty, interconnection, diversity, peace, and unity. Together we worked to create a collage that symbolizes a place of tranquility and harmony. There is a cyclic aspect to the piece in which the clouds create rain, which allows the flowers to bloom and the river to be filled, which gives the fish a place to thrive. This cycle is representative of our process, as we have all worked together to create goodness.

This place that we have imagined in our minds is one of peace. It is a place that a person could travel to and because it feels so peaceful outside, you will feel inner peace. We have the opportunity to move away from the buildings and the city where there is noise and clutter, to a place that is beautiful and renewing. The fish in the river are symbolic of diversity and unity. Although each fish is different in it's color and shape, they travel together in a school. The collage represents beauty on the outside and is reflective of our own individual and collective beauty on the inside.

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