Good Trouble | JUDITH CARLIN

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Banner Art detail: Judith Carlin, "Never Again"

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Artist Statement

I currently live in Miami, Florida but I like to think of myself as a citizen of the world. My mediums are oil, acrylic and digital.

Exploring the human condition, our stories, and how we treat each other is my continual theme. I want my art to have an impact on the world: to inform, reflect, and evoke strong emotions. I believe in the power of art, that a work of art can make a positive change in the world. We're living in strange times and as an artist I feel the need to address that. I'm trying to paint our world with a compassionate and empathetic eye. Hopefully, someone will look at my work and come to a greater understanding and appreciation of how wonderful and diverse we all are in our shared humanity.

Artist Bio + Contact Info

My training in drawing and painting has been at the Art Students League of New York, the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, and Candid Fine Arts in London. I’ve been fortunate not only to have my art written about and featured in many publications worldwide, but also to have been the recipient of numerous awards. In addition to my paintings being in private collections, my work has been exhibited in museums and galleries nationally. 

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