Elisandra Lopes | Lesley University, 2020

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From "The Future of the Past" Series

Elisandra Lopes, REMEMBERING HALLIE Q BROWN, Watercolor and colored pencil, 2020, 8.5" x 11”

"Capturing the simplicity, color and texture is everything for me. As an Illustrator these three components have always been what I look for when I create new artwork. It’s my inspiration. I usually combine different mediums together to form a unique work. In the artwork title Remembering Hallie Q. Brown, it is representing a woman named Hallie Quinn Brown who fought for women’s (especially women of color) equal rights and voting rights, and who also knew the power of black women and urged everyone to let it flourish and not block it. I created this artwork to demonstrate my creativity and motivation to speak up and transform the impact of voting rights and equality because these issues do exist. I want to remember those in the past who fought to secure voting rights for everyone, especially for women. I want their voice and stories be heard because it still matters. In my piece, I’ve incorporated the following key terms: power, voice, equality, voting rights, strength, pride and honor."

~ Elisandra Lopes

Artist Bio

I am a Cape Verdean artist whose work draws influence from everyday life, activism, environment, and nature. I work mostly with colored pencils, watercolor, gouache, and acrylic while having the heart for making collages. I immigrated from Cabo Verde in 2007 to the United States of America to pursue a better education and health services. After a rough journey facing financial issues, inequality and abuse of power from dominant groups, I continued and finished my education. In 2016, I earned my BFA in Illustration from Lesley University College of Art & Design. I am currently a graduate student at Lesley College of Arts & Social Sciences pursuing my master’s in Counseling Mental Health with a specialization in Art Therapy. I plan to have more of my work displayed online and in gallery exhibitions. I previously exhibited my art in the Crossing/Borders exhibition at Parker’s Gallery in University Hall, Cambridge, MA on the theme of Immigration. I am the graphic designer for the Office of Community Service at Lesley University. I also do freelance artwork for the Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DEI) team and volunteer with Lesley Community Service.

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Email: elopes2@lesley.edu
Website: elisandralopes.com