Carol Iskols Daynard | Lesley University, 2020

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From "The Future of the Past" Series

Carol Daynard, PATIENCE, Oil on canvas, 2019, 40”x 36”

"I am a mixed media artist but in my painting, "Patience," I have approached the work as a traditional painter applying oil to canvas. The subject, a black woman, waits to register to vote. This is connected to my commitment to feminism and social justice. Endurance and perseverance live within this figure, who rather than protest, seeks quieter methods to accomplish her goal. Multiple ballots symbolize efforts of many, yet her singular presence is enough to send her message."

~ Carol Iskols Daynard

Artist Bio

Wells College B.A., Art History 1968
Boston University M.Ed., Special Education 1970
Boston University Ed. D., Special Education Administration 1980
School of the Museum of Fine Arts Diploma, Studio Art 2009

Related Experience:
Student Annual Exhibit, School of the Museum of Fine Arts 2007
Metafone, Installation, School of the Museum of Fine Arts 2007
What’s New at 60: a Transformation, Solo Exhibit Judge Baker Children’s Center 2007
Art School Feminism, School of the Museum of Fine Arts 2007
Travels: Hyderabad and Beyond, Northeastern University School of Law 2007-2008
Hybrid, School of the Museum of Fine Arts 2008
Then and Now, Walnut Hill School Natick, Massachusetts March 2008
Mind the Gap, Underground Gallery School of the Museum of Fine Arts 2008
Violence Transformed, Resnikoff Gallery and MA State House, curator April 2008
Then and Now Again, OKW Gallery, 2008
What Does Love Got to Do With It?, Bag Gallery, School of the Museum of Fine Arts
, 2009
Violence Transformed, Children’s Hospital, MA State House, Resnikoff Gallery, 2009
Mind is a Beautiful Beast, OKW Gallery, April 2009.
Heat Wave, Bromfield Gallery, August 2009.
Here’s Looking at You, St Botolph Club, 2010
Words About Paintings/Paintings About Words: The Whistler/Rossetti Exchange Revisited, St . Botolph Club, 2011
Personnae, AStreet Gallery, 2012
Traveling, OKW Gallery, 2012
Women 360, South Shore Art Center, 2012
“Violence Transformed: The Artist’s Voice”, Harriet Tubman House Gallery, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018
Why the Long Face? Silver and Glass Gallery, Provincetown, 2015
Members Biennial, St Botolph Club, 2015
Violence Transformed, Lesley University, 2018
Portraits, St. Botolph Club, 2018

School of the Museum of Fine Arts: Continuing Education Show, 2010
Emerging Aritsts Award, St Botolph Club, 2012
Violence Transformed: Resnikof Gallery(2007-2013 and Harriet Tubman House 2014, 2015, 2016,2017, 2018)
Eight Lights Eight Windows, New Center, 2015
Tufts University Aidekman Gallery, 2017 and 2018

Permanent Collection:
Dred Head, collaborative project with Mary R. Harvey, Resnikoff Gallery, 2009
Connections, Northeastern University School of Law, 2011

Art Matters, Spring 2007

Professional Memberships / Affiliations:
Executive Committee; the MA Standing Committee for the National Museum of Women and the Arts
School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Governor, 2010-present
St. Botolph Club Foundation, Trustee, 2013-present
Vice Chair, St. Botolph Foundation, 2018-present

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