Our Mission

The aims of Violence Transformed are to broaden and diversify the audience for socially engaged artistic practice, to amplify the voices of creative individuals and organizations at work in our community, and to foster creative, socially conscious and trauma-informed action to address, prevent and overcome violence and the risk of its occurrence in our homes, in our communities and at regional, national and international levels.

Our Beginnings

Violence Transformed began in November 2006 as  a community initiative of the Victims of Violence Program of the Cambridge Health Alliance with an eye towards drawing attention to the social potency and transformative possibilities of art, artists and art making. Initially, the aim was to host a one-time art exhibit in concert with the Annual Victim Rights Conference of the Massachusetts Office of Victim Assistance. This vision quickly morphed into a much bigger idea; actualized in April 2007 as a multi-media visual arts exhibit and performing arts opening at the Massachusetts Statehouse. The exhibit was co-curated by members of diverse arts, education and community service organizations and highlighted by an unforgettable evening of live performances. More than 3,000 children, families, students, legislators and their constituents visited the exhibit and/or attended the opening.